Competition Guide

Academic Honesty and Receiving Guidance

Each participating team should observe the common standard of academic integrity adopted by mathematics journals. During the research process, a team may seek opinions and accept guidance from other people. However, team members should actually perform the research work by themselves, and are expected to truly understand the contents of their work. The methods and results of other people used in the research should be documented in the references of the report. Failure to disclose any research work that is being or has been conducted in relation to the research report submitted to Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA) may lead to disqualification. The decision of the HLMA Executive Committee and, where applicable, the decision of the Scientific Committee on this matter shall be final.

Concurrent Submission

In line with the practice adopted by most academic journals, research reports submitted concurrently to other competitions or the same research used to enter other competitions will not be accepted.

Submission of Past Research

A research paper which you have previously submitted to other competitions, whether such paper has won a prize or not, cannot be used to participate in HLMA. However, if there are new findings or developments based on your past research, you may submit a new report to HLMA. You need to declare full details of your participation in the past research, and make clear reference of your past research and new findings. Submissions without such declaration will be considered as a serious misconduct and may lead to disqualification.

Intellectual Property

Before Research Report Submission

Before the submission of a research report, the intellectual property rights of the contents of the research report belong to the student members of the participating team. Once the research report is submitted, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hang Lung Properties Limited and/or its associated companies will have ownership over the copyright and other intellectual property rights that subsist in the research report. All participants are reminded to read the information provided below carefully.

After Research Report Submission

  1. After the research report is submitted, the participants cannot use their research report or the contents of the report for other purposes, such as entering into any business cooperation or agreement with any third parties.
  2. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hang Lung Properties Limited and/or its associated companies shall have the right to use the research content and reports in full or in part for the promotion of Hang Lung Mathematics Awards.
  3. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights subsisting in the research content and report, including the right to publish or release the research in any manner, shall belong to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hang Lung Properties Limited and/or its associated companies.
  4. Following the announcement of the competition results, the winning teams shall execute a copyright transfer agreement whereby the copyright and all the other intellectual property rights subsisting in all research content and reports shall be transferred to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hang Lung Properties Limited and/or its associated companies. Notwithstanding the above, the winners may nonetheless be permitted to use their research and reports in full or in part for personal non-commercial use only (for example, for educational and scientific purposes, or to publish their works on academic websites). For any commercial use, the winners should notify the Executive Committee of Hang Lung Mathematics Awards in writing and obtain their prior written approval. The Executive Committee has the absolute discretion in determining whether such approval shall be granted.

Planning your Research

A team may change their research title and research plan from time to time according to the progress of the research. However, frequent changes are not encouraged as they seldom lead to substantive achievement. To carry out efficient and effective research, teams should aim to organize their research through thoughtful planning. The following table lists the tentative dates for 2023 HLMA:

Events Remarks
December 1, 2022 Registration begins Registration has ended
  Background and library search, identification and understanding of the problem, commencement of the research
March 31, 2023 Registration closes Please ensure that registration information of team members, teacher and school is accurate and complete
  Further investigation and research; please refer to the Competition Guide and follow the format requirements in writing research reports.
August 31, 2023 Deadline for Research Report Submission All research reports must be submitted on or before 23:59* by computer time.
To avoid submission failure due to congested network traffic, participants are advised to submit early and avoid last-minute submission.
Mid-December, 2023 Oral Defense
Mid-December, 2023 Announcement and Awards Presentation Ceremony

* If the report cannot be submitted before the deadline due to unforeseeable technical problems with the computer or the Internet, please email as soon as possible.

Research Areas

The research areas must be on mathematics or its applications, such as:

  • Basic research: algebra, analysis, geometry, probability, statistics, etc.
  • Engineering applications: computing, Internet, communications, information and digital technology, etc.
  • Commercial applications: economics, finance, logistics, management, decision science, operations research, transportation, etc.
  • Scientific applications: medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, environment and health problems, etc.
  • Innovation designs: image and visualization, games, puzzles, algorithms, etc.

Research Report Guidelines

Please review the Research Report Guidelines before commencing your research.

Notes on Submitting Research Report

  • The research report submitted by a team will be regarded as a summary of the research performed. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the research work based on the research report. Therefore, each team should compile the report with extensive care, recording their research results precisely and clearly.
  • There are formatting requirements in writing research reports that all teams must follow. Please refer to the Research Report Guidelines for details.
  • The research report must be submitted electronically by uploading the file through a designated channel before the specified deadline. Please refer to the Research Report Guidelines for details.
  • If technical errors are encountered in the process of submitting or uploading the research report, the Executive Committee could request the affected team to submit another report within a specified period. Late reports will not be accepted without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  • Participants should note that the copyright and all other intellectual property rights subsisting in the research report is transferable to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hang Lung Properties Limited and/ or its associated companies after the submission. Please refer to the section on Intellectual Property.

Reference Materials

Below are some periodicals and Internet resources for reference.


American Mathematical Monthly

The College Mathematics Journal

International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

Journal of Recreational Mathematics

The Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (UMAP) Journal

The Mathematical Gazette

Mathematics Magazine

Mathematical Spectrum

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO)

Internet Resources

The Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Regeneron Science Talent Search Society for Science

Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists