A Star-studded Evening

Academic luminaries Professor George Smoot, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor Nancy Ip, President of HKUST, and Professor Ngaiming Mok, 2022 Future Science Prize Laureate in Mathematics and Computer Science, were among the many distinguished academics and educators at the recent Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA) Winners Gathering. Our HLMA winners also had the rare opportunity to meet with Mr. Jeff Sze, Under Secretary for Education.

After dinner, a sharing session was co-hosted by HLMA co-founder Mr. Ronnie C. Chan and Mr. Adriel Chan, now Hang Lung Properties Chair.

Professor Mok told captivating stories on his interest in languages and diverse academic fields, emphasizing that knowledge in different areas can help synthesize new insights. His enthusiasm for exploring different disciplines serves as an inspiring model for students.

Professor Ip shared the role of her mentors on her academic journey to underscore the importance of teachers. The impact of a teacher on students is immense that can help them discover their passions and motivate them to overcome obstacles.

Many HLMA earlier winners have embarked on teaching careers, utilizing their knowledge and experiences to inspire the next generation. Mr. Alan Fong, 2014 HLMA Gold Award winner, returned in 2023 HLMA and led two teams to victory. Mr. Yan Lam Fan and Mr. Long Tin Chan also used their HLMA experience to guide their own students, clinching two 2023 HLMA awards.

The evening was a valuable opportunity for young talents to directly engage with acclaimed scholars and leaders, strengthening connections and facilitating meaningful knowledge exchange. HLMA is committed to nurturing brilliance in the field and cultivating leaders of tomorrow.