Croucher and HLMA

From solving abstract geometry problems to designing life-changing medical technologies, Croucher scholars are exemplifying the spirit of scientific pioneering. Meet four outstanding young scientists who are shaping the frontiers of knowledge in their domains:

David Bai (2018 HLMA) is a mathematician with a keen interest for problem solving since a young age. He is pursuing his PhD research in algebraic geometry at Yale and aims to bring new insights to the fast-developing fields of enumerative geometry and number theory;

Chi Cheuk Tsang (2014 HLMA) is a postdoctoral researcher in mathematics studying low-dimensional topology at Université du Québec à Montréal. He seeks to advance our understanding in surface homeomorphisms, veering triangulations, and flows and foliations on 3-manifolds;

Owen Ko (2004 HLMA), a neuroscientist and associate professor at CUHK, is determined to help others in need. His groundbreaking research focuses on new strategies to slow down cognitive decline; and

Ewina Pun (2012 HLMA), a doctoral student studying biomedical engineering at Brown University, is passionate about bridging engineering discovery and medical care. She is currently designing closed-loop brain machine interfaces for applications in clinical neuroscience.

What these accomplished scholars share, apart from their dedication to innovation, is the recognition by both HLMA and Croucher Foundation. HLMA ignited their passion for scientific excellence at a young age. The enjoyment and sense of achievement they gained from the research competition drove them to pursue cutting-edge research, amplified through Croucher’s support.

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