HLMA 20th Anniversary Public Talk Series: The Good, Bad and Beautiful of Artificial Intelligence

The rapid expansion of AI technology resembles the American West in the 19th century - a new territory bursting with both opportunities and uncertainties. As we venture into the “Wild West” of an AI future, guided navigation will be needed to maximize its benefits and avoid pitfalls.

As part of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 20th Anniversary Public Talk Series themed “Shaping our Future”, we are proud to present our second panel discussion on “The Good, Bad, and Beautiful of Artificial Intelligence” in collaboration with Asia Society Hong Kong Centre.

This panel discussion will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 5pm at Asia Society Hong Kong Center. We are honored to have Mr. Antoine Blondeau, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Alpha Intelligence Capital, an AI company invested in OpenAI, as well as Professor Harry Shum, Council Chairman of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who is an expert in AI and a science and technology leader in the international academic, industry, and investment sectors, to have a dialogue on stage. The dialogue will be moderated by Professor Helen Meng, Patrick Huen Wing Ming Professor of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Aside from the good and the bad, our speakers will also shed light on how AI gives the beautiful promise to a better future through groundbreaking innovations in its development, research and education.

Admission to this program is free of charge. Seats are limited - reserve your place now! For more information and registration, please visit: